#THIS: Flores sends Mets home happy

Wilmer Flores crushes a walk-off home run to cap off a wild week for the Mets #THIS

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Fantasy Booking: Intercontinental Championship

This is the very first post on a new segment called “Fantasy Booking.” Where I take a current spot in a wrestling company and come up with a different scenario. Something that most wrestling fans do on a regular on social networks after they finish watching a PPV or a tv show during the week.

My first installment was going to center around King Barrett and establishing him in the midcard with his Royal Court. But part of that brought in Layla but she is now retired. So I will switch gears and combine this post with my second post involving the Intercontinental Champion being currently held by Ryback.  

As we already know King Barrett is currently stuck in bottom card purgatory after a rather confusing feud with R-Truth. Most of the time, winning King Of The Ring meant that you got a push and became a big part of the programming like King Booker, King Owen, or King Kurt just to name a few.   

Although, I would love for the King of the Ring winner to be included into the World Heavyweight Champion picture, I decided to be more realistic and aim for the Intercontinental Championship.  

We are also provided with an interesting situation WWE has not capitalized on. Ryback is currently out with an injury and was unable to defend his title at the Battleground PPV. I believe WWE should adapt the UFC approach and hold Interm championship matches when a title holder is out with injury. That way, you can still have title defenses so you don’t have Miz and Big Show yelling at each other in a few that seems quite pointless. I would say that you let a couple of people battle it out for the Interm Intercontinental Championship and let Barrett become champ. As King, a championship run can give him a lot of momentum. Holding court and giving out bad news. While this goes on, you can start showing Ryback preparing for a return with workout promos and interviews showing how he wants to show that he’s focus on unifying the Intercontinental Championship. This lead to a build between Barrett vs Ryback at the next PPV to unify the title. Like when Michaels and Razor Ramon unified the title at Wrestlemania X in the classic ladder match. 

Now I’m not saying that a Barrett/Ryback match needs to be a ladder match but it can bring great hype to the secondary championship that is normally forgotten. 

What do you think of the booking?

Just talking sports….