(Wrestling) IMPACT March 9th, 2017 Highlights

Show Open

Cody has returned to the Impact Zone and wants to get his hands on Moose, who is in Japan competing for Pro Wrestling NOAH. Can Cody find Moose? Will Moose answer the challenge? Will Brandi Rhodes get involved?

JB has been sent out to the announce table unbeknownst to Josh Mathews, who takes exception to seeing the long time announcer join the announce team. This might get ugly.

Reno Scum are a brand new tag team in Impact Wrestling, consisting of Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend, they have arrived on Impact Wrestling and have a tough first test. It is Reno Scum vs. The DCC now!

The Broken Brilliance of The Hardy Brothers takes them to the personal zoo of Matt Hardy. Brother Nero competes in a training exercise with Smoking Joe… The Kangaroo.

Check out this Knockouts Match on Impact Wrestling as Rachael Ellering competes for the first time in the 6 sided ring against a former Knockouts Champion in Sienna.

In one of the most anticipated arrivals in recent memory, Alberto El Patron has made his premiere in Impact Wrestling. Standing in the 6 sided ring with Lashley, EC3 and Bruce Pritchard. What will happen next?

In a first ever main event match for the ages, Alberto El Patron challenged Lashley for The World Title. It was El Patron’s first night on Impact Wrestling and the former World Champion was ready for Walking Armageddon.

The World Title Match on Impact Wrestling between Champion Lashley and Challenger Alberto El Patron ended in chaos. Our cameras were running after the show ended at the top of the hour and El Patron made it crystal clear he is The World Champion.


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