Pick Your Poison: Conor McGregor or Bill Simmons? Ep. 36: The Garbage Time Podcast

Katie Nolan discusses Garbage Time’s return to TV next week (1:45 mark), the Julie DiCaro / Sarah Spain#MoreThanMean video (4:05), and makes some tough choices in this week’s Pick Your Poison (5:55). Which gets the higher priority on your DVR: Conor McGregor doing local media interviews, or a sports comedy show other than Garbage Time (Bill Simmons’ “Any Given Wednesday” / “Rob Riggle’s Sportsbook”) (6:50)? Who would you mute on social media first: Drake, for his Paul George instagram post, or University of Washington for their “Do’s and Don’ts” for cheerleader tryouts facebook post (17:30)? And, “The Blindside” – Who should Sandra Bullock adopt: Kelly Ripa or Sam Bradford (28:00)? Plus, a Fantasy-Fantasy Draft of fruit salad in this week’s #JunkMail (36:10).


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